Brontë Country Walk

The Route

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Start Point: Penistone Hill Country Park Car Park, BD22 9RH

Finish Point: Same as start point (circular walk)

Distance: Approximately 7.5 miles (12 kilometres)

Walk Description

Starting Point: Penistone Hill Country Park Car Park, BD22 9RH

Key Highlights:

  • Haworth Village: Explore the historic village, home to the Brontë Parsonage Museum where the Brontë sisters lived and wrote their famous novels.
  • Brontë Waterfall: A scenic spot that inspired the Brontë sisters, featuring a small but picturesque waterfall.
  • Brontë Bridge: A quaint bridge rebuilt after a flood in 1989, offering a great photo opportunity.
  • Top Withens: The ruins believed to have inspired the setting of Wuthering Heights, providing panoramic views of the moorlands.

End Point: Penistone Hill Country Park Car Park

Practical Information

Distance: Approximately 7.5 miles (12 kilometres)

Difficulty: Moderate – includes some steep ascents and descents, with uneven terrain.

Terrain: Mixed terrain with well-trodden paths, rocky sections, and potentially muddy areas, especially after rain.


  • By Car: Parking is available at Penistone Hill Country Park Car Park and other car parks in Haworth.
  • Public Transport: The B3 Brontë bus runs frequently in the area, connecting Hebden Bridge and Keighley to Haworth.

Tips for Walkers

Footwear: Sturdy walking boots with good grip are recommended due to uneven and potentially muddy paths.

Supplies: Bring water, snacks, and sun protection. Haworth has cafes and shops for refreshments before or after the walk.

Navigation: The route is well-signposted, but carrying a map (OS Explorer OL21) or a GPS device is recommended for detailed navigation.

The Brontë Country walk offers a captivating journey through the landscapes that inspired the Brontë sisters.

Starting from Penistone Hill Country Park, this 7.5-mile circular route takes you through the historic village of Haworth, past the serene Brontë Waterfall, and up to the evocative ruins of Top Withens.

This moderately challenging walk combines literary history with natural beauty, making it a must-do for literature enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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