Classic Wharfedale from Conistone Walk

The Route

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Start Point: Conistone Village, North Yorkshire, BD23 5HS

Finish Point: Same as start point (circular walk)

Distance: Approximately 6.5 miles (10.5 kilometres)

Walk Description

Starting Point: Conistone Village, North Yorkshire, BD23 5HS

Key Highlights:

  • Conistone Dib: A narrow limestone gorge offering an adventurous start to the walk with its rocky terrain and scenic beauty.
  • Capplestone Gate: A viewpoint along the route offering expansive views of the surrounding moorland.
  • Conistone Pie: A distinctive limestone outcrop resembling a pork pie, providing a unique landmark with stunning vistas.
  • Dales Way: Part of the route follows this famous long-distance footpath, ensuring well-marked and maintained tracks.

End Point: Conistone Village, North Yorkshire

Practical Information

Distance: Approximately 6.5 miles (10.5 kilometres)

Difficulty: Moderate – includes some steep ascents and descents, with rocky and uneven terrain.

Terrain: Mixed terrain including rocky gorges, grassy fields, and moorland paths. Some sections may be muddy, especially after rain.


  • By Car: Parking is available in Conistone Village.
  • Public Transport: Limited bus services are available. Check local timetables for connections to nearby towns.

Tips for Walkers

Footwear: Sturdy walking boots with good grip are essential due to the rocky and uneven terrain.

Supplies: Bring water, snacks, and possibly a packed lunch. There are no facilities along the route, but nearby villages offer amenities.

Navigation: The route is moderately signposted. Carrying a detailed map (OS Explorer OL2) or a GPS device is recommended for safety and navigation.

The Classic Wharfedale from Conistone walk offers a mix of dramatic limestone scenery and expansive moorland views.

Starting from Conistone Village, the 6.5-mile circular route takes you through the narrow Conistone Dib, past the panoramic viewpoint at Capplestone Gate, and along the iconic Conistone Pie.

This moderate walk provides a perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty, making it a must-do for anyone exploring the Yorkshire Dales.

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