Gardens In East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire is a haven for garden enthusiasts, offering a rich tapestry of horticultural beauty, historical landscapes, and serene retreats.

From the majestic grounds of Burton Agnes Hall to the charming nooks of Burnby Hall Gardens, the region's gardens provide perfect settings for relaxation and exploration.

Whether you're interested in the historical grandeur of stately homes or the vibrant displays of botanical gardens, East Yorkshire's gardens are sure to captivate and inspire!

Sewerby Hall and Gardens

Discover the beauty of Sewerby Hall and Gardens, perched on a dramatic clifftop with stunning views over Bridlington Bay. Explore 50 acres of award-winning gardens, including a walled garden, pleasure garden, and a small zoo, making it perfect for a family day out.


Burton Agnes Hall and Gardens

Visit Burton Agnes Hall and Gardens, renowned for its exquisite Elizabethan architecture and award-winning walled garden. With over 3,000 plant species, including a jungle garden and a national collection of Campanulas, this garden offers a delightful escape into horticultural beauty.


Burnby Hall Gardens

Explore the enchanting Burnby Hall Gardens, home to the National Collection of Hardy Water Lilies. Wander through beautiful lakes, vibrant rock gardens, and the tranquil surroundings of this unique garden, perfect for a peaceful day out.


Burton Constable Hall and Gardens

Step into history at Burton Constable Hall and Gardens, featuring 330 acres of Capability Brown-designed parkland. Enjoy the serene landscapes, restored 18th-century orangery, and rare-breed livestock grazing the grounds, offering a picturesque blend of nature and history.


Sledmere House and Gardens

Experience the charm of Sledmere House and Gardens, with its Capability Brown-inspired landscape and 18th-century walled garden. Stroll through the dynamic herbaceous borders, explore the historic rose garden, and enjoy the serene beauty of this quintessential English country estate.

Facts About The Gardens In East Yorkshire

  • The walled garden at Sledmere House features an 18th-century octagonal design, complemented by a recently restored parterre and vibrant herbaceous borders.
  • Burton Agnes Hall’s walled garden showcases over 3,000 plant species, including a national collection of Campanulas, making it a treasure trove for plant enthusiasts.
  • Burnby Hall Gardens is home to the National Collection of Hardy Water Lilies, with the gardens’ lakes offering a spectacular display of these beautiful flowers.
  • The parkland at Burton Constable Hall, designed by Capability Brown, includes a restored 18th-century orangery and grazing rare-breed livestock, adding a unique touch to the landscape.
  • Constable Burton Hall Gardens are renowned for their annual tulip festival, attracting visitors with stunning displays of colorful tulips and other seasonal flowers.
  • The Pleasure Garden at Sewerby Hall and Gardens features carefully manicured beds and borders, along with a historic Clock Tower Tea Room, providing a perfect spot for relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top gardens to visit in East Yorkshire?

Top gardens in East Yorkshire include Sewerby Hall and Gardens, Sledmere House, Burton Agnes Hall, Burnby Hall Gardens, Burton Constable Hall, and Constable Burton Hall Gardens. Each garden offers unique attractions and stunning horticultural displays.

Is there an entry fee for the gardens in East Yorkshire?

Many gardens, such as Sewerby Hall and Burton Agnes Hall, charge an entry fee. However, the fee supports the maintenance and preservation of these beautiful landscapes. Some gardens may offer free entry on specific days or for members of certain organizations.

Are dogs allowed in the gardens?

Most gardens welcome well-behaved dogs on leads. It's always best to check the specific garden's policy regarding pets before visiting.

What activities can I do at Sewerby Hall and Gardens?

At Sewerby Hall and Gardens, visitors can explore the beautiful walled garden, enjoy the zoo, take a scenic walk along the cliff, and participate in various seasonal events and workshops.

What facilities are available at Sledmere House?

Sledmere House offers visitor facilities such as a café, gift shop, and exhibition room. The gardens include a walled garden, parterre, and herbaceous borders, along with extensive parkland for walks.

Are there any special events held in these gardens?

Yes, many gardens host special events throughout the year. For example, Burton Agnes Hall hosts an annual tulip festival, while Burnby Hall Gardens features events centered around their water lily collection.

What are the best times to visit these gardens?

Spring and summer are ideal times to visit when the gardens are in full bloom. Autumn also offers beautiful foliage, particularly at gardens like Burton Constable Hall. Some gardens, like Sewerby Hall, have year-round attractions.

Are there any accessible features in these gardens?

Many gardens provide accessible paths and facilities for visitors with mobility issues. For instance, Sewerby Hall and Gardens and Burton Agnes Hall have accessible routes to ensure all visitors can enjoy the gardens.

Can I find food and drink options within the gardens?

Yes, most gardens have cafes or tea rooms offering a variety of snacks, meals, and beverages. For example, Sledmere House and Sewerby Hall both have dining facilities on-site.

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