Hardraw Force and Great Shunner Fell Walk

The Route

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Start Point: Hardraw, near the Green Dragon Inn, DL8 3LZ

Finish Point: Same as start point (linear walk)

Distance: Approximately 9.2 miles (15 kilometres)

Walk Description

Starting Point: Hardraw, near the Green Dragon Inn, DL8 3LZ

Key Highlights:

  • Hardraw Force: England’s highest single-drop waterfall at 30 meters. The waterfall is accessible through the Green Dragon Inn, where an entrance fee is required.
  • Great Shunner Fell: The third highest peak in the Yorkshire Dales, standing at 716 meters (2349 feet). The summit offers panoramic views of Swaledale, Wensleydale, and beyond.
  • Pennine Way: The walk follows this famous long-distance trail, making navigation straightforward. The path features a variety of landscapes, from walled tracks to open moorland.

End Point: Hardraw, near the Green Dragon Inn

Practical Information

Distance: Approximately 9.2 miles (15 kilometers)

Difficulty: Moderate to hard – involves a significant ascent and descent, suitable for experienced walkers.

Terrain: The route includes well-defined paths, sections of the Pennine Way, and some steep and uneven terrain. The path can be muddy and slippery in places, especially after rain.


  • By Car: Limited roadside parking is available at the west end of Hardraw village.
  • Public Transport: Hawes, the nearest town, has bus connections, but reaching Hardraw directly by public transport may require a combination of services.

Tips for Walkers

Footwear: Sturdy walking boots with good grip are essential due to the uneven and often muddy terrain.

Supplies: Bring plenty of water, snacks, and possibly a packed lunch. The Green Dragon Inn offers refreshments before or after the walk.

Navigation: The route is well-signposted along the Pennine Way, but carrying a detailed map (OS Explorer OL30) or a GPS device is recommended for safety and navigation.

The Hardraw Force and Great Shunner Fell walk combines the dramatic beauty of England’s highest single-drop waterfall with the challenge of climbing one of the Yorkshire Dales’ highest peaks.

Starting in the village of Hardraw, the route follows the Pennine Way, offering a mix of scenic river valleys, rugged moorland, and expansive views from the summit of Great Shunner Fell.

This 9.2-mile walk is ideal for experienced hikers looking for a rewarding day out in the Dales.

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