Explore Hawes, a picturesque town in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, where history and natural beauty converge.

Delve into the heritage of Wensleydale cheese at the famous Creamery, stroll through bustling streets brimming with artisan shops and traditional pubs, and experience the majesty of Hardraw Force, England’s tallest single-drop waterfall.

Perfect for both relaxation and adventure, Hawes offers a delightful slice of countryside charm.

Things To Do In Hawes

Uncover the captivating charm of Hawes, beautifully situated in the Yorkshire Dales! From savoring the world-famous Wensleydale cheese to wandering through picturesque hiking trails and quaint local shops, discover the top things to do in Hawes.

Whether you're seeking a tranquil escape or an adventurous day out, Hawes offers a treasure trove of experiences.

Plan your perfect getaway to this delightful slice of Yorkshire!

Facts About Hawes

  • Wensleydale Creamery: Famous for its Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, the creamery in Hawes offers visitors a chance to see how the cheese is made, taste various varieties, and learn about the history of cheesemaking in the area.
  • Dales Countryside Museum: Located in the old Hawes railway station, this museum provides insights into the rich cultural heritage of the Yorkshire Dales, featuring exhibits on rural life, crafts, and the history of the region.
  • Hardraw Force: Just outside Hawes, Hardraw Force is England’s highest unbroken waterfall, which flows spectacularly from a height of over 100 feet and can be accessed directly from the Green Dragon Inn.
  • Hawes Rope Makers: Ropemakers J. B. Smith & Sons offer demonstrations of traditional rope-making techniques, showing how ropes are made using age-old methods.
  • Market Day: Hawes hosts a lively market every Tuesday, where local vendors sell fresh produce, crafts, clothing, and more, contributing to the town's bustling atmosphere.
  • Gayle Mill: Dating back to the 18th century, this restored sawmill, cotton mill, and wool mill offers guided tours that demonstrate original machinery in action, providing a unique industrial heritage experience.
  • The Pennine Way: Hawes is a popular stop on the Pennine Way, one of the UK’s most famous long-distance walking paths, offering challenging hikes and breathtaking scenery.
  • Hawes Auction Mart: Reflecting the town’s agricultural roots, the auction mart is a hub of activity where livestock sales are held, drawing farmers and visitors interested in the traditional rural economy.
  • Buttertubs Pass: This scenic road from Hawes to Thwaite is famed for its dramatic views and steep drops, beloved by cyclists and featured in the Tour de France.
  • Traditional Pubs and Tea Rooms: Hawes boasts a variety of traditional pubs and cozy tea rooms where visitors can enjoy local ales, classic Yorkshire tea, and hearty meals.
  • Muker Silver Band: Enjoy traditional brass band music with performances throughout the year, including local festivals and events, enhancing the cultural landscape of Hawes.
  • St Margaret's Church: An historic church in the heart of Hawes with lovely architectural details and a peaceful graveyard, offering a glimpse into the spiritual heritage of the community.
  • Yorkshire Dales National Park: As a gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, Hawes is an excellent base for exploring the wider landscapes of rolling hills, limestone valleys, and picturesque villages.
  • Hawes Christmas Fair: A festive event that transforms the town with lights, stalls, and seasonal cheer, making it a special time to visit and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.
  • White Scar Cave: Although closer to Ingleton, this remarkable show cave is within easy reach from Hawes and offers an adventure into the underground world of stalactites and ancient rock formations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides concise answers to common questions tourists may have when planning a visit to Hawes.

What are the top attractions to see in Hawes?

Visitors to Hawes should not miss the Wensleydale Creamery Visitor Centre, famous for its Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese. Additionally, the Dales Countryside Museum offers a rich glimpse into the local history and culture.

Which local pubs in Hawes offer the best traditional Yorkshire ales?

The White Hart Inn and The Crown are highly regarded for their selection of traditional Yorkshire ales. Both establishments provide a hospitable atmosphere to enjoy the local brews.

Can you recommend some dog-friendly activities in Hawes?

Many walking trails around Hawes are suitable for dogs, including the Hawes Town Trail and paths around the stunning Hardraw Force waterfall. Furthermore, several local pubs welcome dogs, allowing for a relaxing break together.

Where are the best places to eat in Hawes for a true Yorkshire cuisine experience?

For authentic Yorkshire cuisine, visitors should consider dining at The Board Inn or Simonstone Hall. Both places serve hearty local dishes prepared with regional ingredients, reflecting the true flavours of Yorkshire.

What are some unique shops to visit in Hawes for local products?

Hawes is home to various unique shops such as the Hawes Ropemakers and the Little Cheese Shop, which offer local products and crafts. These shops provide a chance to purchase souvenirs that embody the essence of Wensleydale.

How can I find the trailhead for the Hawes circular walk?

The trailhead for the Hawes circular walk can be located near the Dales Countryside Museum. It's a popular starting point for walkers looking to explore the natural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales landscape.

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Uncover the charm of Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales! Enjoy Wensleydale cheese, scenic hikes, and quaint shops.

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