Ingleton Waterfall Trail

The Route

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Start Point: Ingleton Waterfalls Trail Car Park, Broadwood Entrance, LA6 3ET

Finish Point: Same as start point (circular walk)

Distance: Approximately 4.3 miles (7 kilometres)

Walk Description

Starting Point: Ingleton Waterfalls Trail Car Park, Broadwood Entrance, LA6 3ET

Key Highlights:

  • Swilla Glen: A scenic gorge with a footpath alongside the River Twiss.
  • Pecca Falls: A series of five waterfalls with a combined drop of 30 meters.
  • Hollybush Spout: A picturesque waterfall located further along the trail.
  • Thornton Force: The largest waterfall on the trail, with a 14-meter drop.
  • Beezley Falls and Triple Spout: Multiple cascades and deep plunge pools.
  • Rival Falls: Smaller but equally beautiful waterfalls leading to Baxenghyll Gorge.
  • Baxenghyll Gorge: A dramatic gorge with waterfalls tumbling over rock ledges.
  • Snow Falls: The final waterfall on the trail, seen through woodland views.

End Point: Ingleton Waterfalls Trail Car Park, Broadwood Entrance

Practical Information

Distance: Approximately 4.3 miles (7 kilometers)

Difficulty: Moderate – the trail includes numerous steps and some steep sections.

Terrain: Mixed terrain with well-maintained footpaths, steps, and bridges. The path can be slippery and uneven in places, especially after rain.


  • By Car: Parking is available at the Broadwood Entrance Car Park. Parking is included in the entry fee.
  • Public Transport: There are bus services to Ingleton from nearby towns, but driving is recommended for convenience.

Tips for Walkers

Footwear: Sturdy walking boots with good grip are recommended due to the uneven and sometimes slippery surfaces.

Supplies: Bring water and snacks. There are refreshment kiosks at the car park and halfway through the trail at Beezley Farm.

Navigation: The route is well-signposted, but a trail map can be useful. Maps are available at the ticket office and on the trail’s website.

The Ingleton Waterfall Trail offers a spectacular walk through the scenic Yorkshire Dales, featuring numerous waterfalls and varied landscapes along the Rivers Twiss and Doe.

Starting from the Broadwood Entrance Car Park, the 4.3-mile circular trail takes you past dramatic falls like Thornton Force and Beezley Falls, through woodland paths and open countryside.

This moderate trail is perfect for nature lovers and provides plenty of photo opportunities, making it a must-visit for anyone exploring the region.

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