Discover Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales: a picturesque village perfect for lovers of nature and outdoor adventures. Explore the stunning Waterfalls Trail, a scenic 4.5-mile journey through ancient woodlands and past mesmerizing waterfalls, a favorite since 1885.

Climb to the peak of Ingleborough for breathtaking views, part of the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks. Enjoy the village’s timeless charm, friendly atmosphere, and a variety of local activities.

Ingleton is your gateway to the extraordinary landscapes and vibrant community life of rural England—a must-visit destination for a truly diverse and memorable experience.

Things To Do In Ingleton

Discover the hidden gems of Ingleton! From the breathtaking waterfalls of the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail to charming tea rooms and adventure-filled caving experiences, Ingleton is a treasure trove of activities waiting to be explored.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a history buff, there's something for everyone in this quaint village.

Dive into our guide on the top things to do in Ingleton and start planning your unforgettable journey today!

Facts About Ingleton

  • Ingleton Waterfalls Trail: A famous walking route, this trail takes visitors through ancient woodland and alongside a series of stunning waterfalls and gorges, providing some of the most picturesque scenery in North Yorkshire.
  • White Scar Cave: The longest show cave in Britain, White Scar Cave offers guided tours that reveal spectacular underground landscapes, including waterfalls and unique rock formations.
  • Ingleborough Mountain: One of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, Ingleborough is a popular destination for hikers, offering challenging treks and rewarding views from its summit.
  • Ingleton Open Air Swimming Pool: One of the few remaining outdoor swimming pools in the country, this heated lido provides a refreshing summer activity in a scenic setting.
  • Gapping Gill: A remarkable natural feature, Gapping Gill is a large underground chamber where Fell Beck stream plunges into a pothole, disappearing into the depths below.
  • The Three Peaks Challenge: Ingleton serves as a starting point for the famous Three Peaks Challenge, a 24-mile route that includes the summits of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough.
  • St. Mary's Church: Located in the heart of the village, this church features beautiful stained glass and serves as a focal point for the community’s spiritual life.
  • Ribblehead Viaduct: Near Ingleton, this iconic viaduct is a masterpiece of Victorian engineering and offers impressive views of the surrounding landscape, especially popular among photographers and railway enthusiasts.
  • Ingleton Pottery: The oldest working pottery in the area, Ingleton Pottery offers visitors the chance to see traditional pottery techniques in action and purchase handcrafted items.
  • Geology and Fossils: The area around Ingleton is noted for its fascinating geological structures and abundant fossils, making it a hotspot for geologists and paleontology enthusiasts.
  • Climbing and Caving: With its rugged cliffs and extensive cave systems, Ingleton is a prime spot for rock climbing and caving, attracting adventurers from across the UK.
  • Local Markets: Ingleton hosts a charming local market offering crafts, food, and local produce, contributing to the village’s community atmosphere.
  • Ingleton Folk Weekend: An annual event that celebrates traditional music, dance, and song, drawing performers and audiences from the wider region.
  • Heritage Centre: The Ingleton Heritage Centre showcases the rich history of the village and its surrounding area, including its mining and railway heritage.
  • Seasonal Festivities: Ingleton celebrates various seasonal events, including a well-known Christmas lights display and Easter celebrations, adding to its year-round appeal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ingleton offers a plethora of activities and sights, making it a cherished destination in the Yorkshire Dales. The quaint village provides a gateway to stunning landscapes, captivating trails, and a vibrant local culture. Here are some commonly asked questions to assist visitors in planning their trip to Ingleton.

What are the entry fees for Ingleton Waterfalls Trail?

The Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, a highlight for many visitors, charges an entry fee. This fee contributes to the maintenance of the trail and safety measures. To get the most recent pricing, guests should contact the ticket office directly as prices may vary.

Where are the best places to stay in Ingleton?

Accommodation options in Ingleton range from cosy bed and breakfasts to well-appointed hotels. Visitors often opt for stays that offer easy access to local attractions, such as the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail and nearby hiking routes.

Which eateries offer the finest dining experience in Ingleton?

Ingleton boasts a selection of restaurants that serve both local and international cuisine. Visitors looking for the finest dining experience should seek out establishments known for their use of local produce and traditional dishes.

What activities can visitors partake in around Ingleton?

Beyond the Waterfalls Trail, Ingleton is a base for walking up Ingleborough, one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. The village also offers caving in the numerous systems in the area, and for those interested in heritage, the steam train crossing is a delightful experience.

Can you recommend some traditional pubs in Ingleton?

Ingleton's traditional pubs are the social heart of the village, known for their warm hospitality and locally brewed ales. Visitors seeking authenticity will find these pubs to be perfect for experiencing true Yorkshire conviviality.

What makes Ingleton stand out among villages in the Yorkshire Dales?

Ingleton's distinct charm lies in its picturesque setting at the foot of Ingleborough and its rich heritage, evident in its architecture and local traditions. The combination of natural beauty and a welcoming community makes Ingleton a standout destination.

What Next?

Explore Ingleton's best! Trek the stunning Waterfalls Trail, savor tea in quaint rooms, and delve into exciting caves.

Discover all Ingleton has to offer and plan your unforgettable adventure today!

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