Discover Malton, Yorkshire's Food Capital! This charming market town delights food lovers with its artisan producers, independent shops, and monthly food markets showcasing local delicacies.

Beyond gourmet treats, explore historic attractions, scenic countryside, and cultural events. Don't miss the annual Malton Food Lovers Festival and the tranquil Scampston Walled Garden.

A perfect blend of heritage and culinary innovation awaits in Malton—an essential stop in Yorkshire.

Things To Do In Malton

Explore the charming allure of Malton! From historical marvels to delectable local dining, our curated list of activities ensures you experience the very best of this enchanting town.

Dive into Malton’s hidden treasures and find out why it's a must-visit for every traveler, whether you're seeking cultural delights, gastronomic wonders, or a refreshing new journey.

Embark on your unforgettable adventure in Malton today!

Facts About Malton

  • Food Capital of Yorkshire: Malton proudly holds this title due to its thriving food scene, which includes a monthly food market, annual food festivals, and numerous artisan eateries and food shops specializing in local produce.
  • Malton Cookery School: This renowned cookery school offers classes focused on game, seafood, baking, and more, drawing on Yorkshire’s rich culinary traditions and local ingredients.
  • Malton Museum: Situated in the town's market place, the museum showcases Roman artifacts found in and around Malton, illustrating the area's significant Roman history.
  • Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum: Located just outside Malton, this award-winning museum is housed in an original World War II prisoner-of-war camp, with immersive displays that cover military and social history from the 20th century.
  • Flamingo Land Resort: A combination of a theme park, zoo, and resort, Flamingo Land is just a short drive from Malton and offers fun and excitement for families with rides, animal exhibits, and entertainment.
  • The Talbot Hotel: A historic coaching inn, restored by the owners of the famous Fitzwilliam Estate, the Talbot Hotel offers luxurious accommodation and fine dining, making it a stylish base for exploring the region.
  • Malton's Roman Fort: Archaeological digs have revealed that Malton was the site of a large Roman fort, parts of which are intermittently open to the public during special archaeological events.
  • Norton and Malton Brewery: Known for crafting traditional beers, this local brewery contributes to Malton’s reputation as a hub for food and drink enthusiasts.
  • St. Michael's Church: This beautiful church dates back to the 12th century and features medieval stained glass and intricate carvings, reflecting the town’s long history.
  • Malton Relish: A unique shop offering a selection of fine foods and ingredients, cookbooks, and kitchenware, perfect for foodies looking to take a taste of Yorkshire home with them.
  • Malton War Memorial: A poignant reminder of the town’s contributions and losses in the world wars, the memorial is a central feature in the town square.
  • Yorkshire Lavender: Just a short drive from Malton, this farm offers not only stunning views of lavender fields but also gardens, a sculpture park, and a farm shop.
  • Howardian Hills: Malton serves as a gateway to this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering access to picturesque countryside ideal for walking, cycling, and enjoying nature.
  • Castle Howard: Near Malton, this historic estate is one of England’s most beautiful stately homes, known globally for its role in films and television series like "Brideshead Revisited."
  • Malton Literary Festival: Reflecting the town’s vibrant cultural scene, this festival features a variety of authors, workshops, and readings, celebrating literature and storytelling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Malton, often referred to as Yorkshire's Food Capital, offers visitors an array of attractions, dining experiences, and shopping opportunities. This section addresses some of the most common queries potential visitors might have.

What are the top attractions to visit in Malton?

The top attractions in Malton include Scampston Walled Garden, known for its award-winning contemporary design, and the local distillery nestled in Talbot Yard that offers a taste of Mediterranean-inspired gin.

Where can one find the best dining options in Malton?

Visitors to Malton can savour an excellent culinary scene with numerous artisan producers and eateries located throughout the town. The food tours and festivals offer a chance to sample a broad range of dishes that showcase local fare.

Malton provides a variety of activities free of charge, such as enjoying the food market that showcases local produce and visiting the charming galleries located in the town centre.

Which pubs are considered must-visit in Malton?

Malton's pubs are quintessentially British, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. The town is known for its characterful pubs where visitors can enjoy locally brewed ales and traditional pub fare.

On which day does the market take place in Malton?

The market in Malton is a popular event that allows visitors to experience local food and culture. It takes place monthly, offering a wide variety of goods from fresh produce to handcrafted items.

What unique shopping experiences does Malton town centre offer?

The town centre of Malton presents independent shops and boutiques offering a unique shopping experience. Visitors can find everything from handcrafted goods to high-quality local produce, making it a prime location for those looking for an authentic shopping experience.

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