Museums In East Yorkshire

Step into the fascinating world of East Yorkshire’s museums, where history and culture come alive. In Hull, explore maritime adventures and discover the historical gems hidden in stately guildhalls.

Each museum in the region offers its own unique window into the past, featuring exhibits that span from ancient artifacts and Viking treasures to the story of transportation's evolution. With compelling displays and engaging stories, visitors are invited to connect with the rich heritage of East Yorkshire.

Whether you're drawn to history, art, or cultural narratives, East Yorkshire's museums promise an enriching journey.

Begin your exploration with our selection of the finest museums, and uncover the secrets that make East Yorkshire a historical treasure trove!

Streetlife Museum of Transport

Take a journey through time at the Streetlife Museum of Transport in Hull. Explore a fascinating collection of vintage vehicles, from horse-drawn carriages to early automobiles, and experience the evolution of transport through interactive exhibits.


Hull and East Riding Museum

Discover the rich history of the region at the Hull and East Riding Museum. Wander through exhibits that span prehistoric times to the modern era, featuring Roman mosaics, Viking artifacts, and fascinating glimpses into local heritage.


Wilberforce House

Visit the birthplace of abolitionist William Wilberforce at Wilberforce House in Hull. Learn about his pivotal role in ending the transatlantic slave trade and explore exhibits that shed light on the history of slavery and the fight for freedom.


Beverley Guildhall

Step into the past at Beverley Guildhall, a historic building that has served as the town's civic center for centuries. Marvel at its stunning Georgian courtroom, discover local history through intriguing exhibits, and enjoy the beautifully preserved architecture.


The Deep

Dive into the wonders of the ocean at The Deep in Hull, one of the UK's most spectacular aquariums. Explore vibrant marine life, walk through underwater tunnels, and learn about ocean conservation in this awe-inspiring attraction.

Facts About The Museums In East Yorkshire

  • Streetlife Museum of Transport: Features a fascinating collection of vintage vehicles, including horse-drawn carriages and early automobiles.
  • Hull and East Riding Museum: Home to a stunning array of Roman mosaics, Viking artifacts, and a life-sized woolly mammoth replica.
  • Wilberforce House: Dedicated to the life and legacy of William Wilberforce, showcasing the history of slavery and the abolition movement.
  • Beverley Guildhall: Features a beautifully preserved Georgian courtroom and exhibits on local history and civic life.
  • The Deep: One of the UK's most spectacular aquariums, it houses over 3,500 fish, including sharks and rays, and offers a unique underwater tunnel experience.
  • Ferens Art Gallery: Houses an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures, including works by European Old Masters and contemporary artists.
  • East Riding Treasure House: Combines a museum, library, archives, and art gallery, showcasing the cultural and historical heritage of East Yorkshire.
  • Skidby Windmill and Museum of East Riding Rural Life: Offers a glimpse into rural life with exhibits on agriculture, milling, and local history.
  • Sewerby Hall and Gardens: Features a museum with exhibits on the history of the house, as well as beautiful gardens and a zoo.
  • Hornsea Museum: Set in an 18th-century farmhouse, it displays artifacts related to local history, including pottery, fishing, and domestic life.

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