Museums In North Yorkshire

Discover the rich and diverse history of North Yorkshire through its array of intriguing museums. In York, journey back in time with exhibits showcasing Viking heritage and Roman antiquities, while Whitby offers a glimpse into Captain Cook's daring voyages.

Each museum reveals a different facet of the region's past, from medieval relics to significant milestones in aviation. Engaging displays ensure that history is brought vividly to life, making for an unforgettable visit.

Whether you're a history aficionado, a fan of technological advancements, or a literary enthusiast, North Yorkshire's museums offer something for everyone.

Explore our recommended list of must-see museums and immerse yourself in the captivating tales of North Yorkshire's past!

York Castle Museum

Step into the past at York Castle Museum, where history comes alive through immersive exhibits and reconstructed period rooms. Explore the famous Victorian street, Kirkgate, and discover fascinating tales from different eras of York's rich history.


Jorvik Viking Centre

Embark on a journey to the Viking Age at the Jorvik Viking Centre. Experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a recreated Viking city, uncover archaeological treasures, and meet the Norsemen who once walked the streets of York.


Yorkshire Air Museum

Discover the world of aviation at the Yorkshire Air Museum, located on a historic WWII airfield. Explore a vast collection of aircraft, from early biplanes to modern jets, and learn about the heroic pilots and crews who made history in the skies.


The Yorkshire Museum

Unearth the wonders of the past at The Yorkshire Museum, home to some of Britain's greatest archaeological and geological finds. From Roman artifacts to medieval treasures, the museum's diverse exhibits offer a captivating journey through time.


Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Follow in the footsteps of one of history's greatest explorers at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby. Visit the house where young James Cook lodged and trained, and delve into his extraordinary voyages of discovery through engaging displays and artifacts.

Facts About The Museums In North Yorkshire

  • York Castle Museum: Features an immersive Victorian street called Kirkgate, bringing history to life with detailed period settings.
  • Jorvik Viking Centre: Offers a ride through a recreated Viking city, showcasing artifacts discovered in York's Coppergate dig.
  • Yorkshire Air Museum: Located on a historic WWII airfield, it includes the only complete Halifax Bomber in Europe.
  • The Yorkshire Museum: Home to the famous Middleham Jewel and an extensive collection of Roman artifacts.
  • Captain Cook Memorial Museum: Situated in Whitby, this museum explores the life and voyages of the famous explorer Captain James Cook.
  • Eden Camp Modern History Museum: Housed in a former POW camp, it covers British military and social history from World War II onwards.
  • National Railway Museum: Boasts the world’s largest collection of railway artifacts, including the iconic Mallard and Flying Scotsman locomotives.
  • Yorkshire Museum of Farming: Features displays on rural life, agriculture, and even a restored WWII prisoner of war camp.
  • Whitby Museum: Offers exhibits on local history, including fossils, model ships, and items related to Bram Stoker’s "Dracula."
  • Scarborough Fair Collection: Showcases vintage fairground rides, mechanical organs, and classic vehicles, providing a nostalgic experience.

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