Museums In West Yorkshire

Journey through the rich and varied history of West Yorkshire by visiting its outstanding museums. Leeds boasts industrial marvels, while Haworth brings literary history to life.

Each museum in this region offers a distinct look into its storied past, from the innovative achievements of the Industrial Revolution to the creative legacies of famous authors. Historic armories, technological innovations, and literary treasures await discovery.

Whether your passion lies in exploring historical milestones, appreciating artistic works, or delving into literary worlds, West Yorkshire's museums provide a captivating adventure for all.

Dive into our curated list of must-visit museums and embark on a journey through the cultural heart of West Yorkshire!

Royal Armouries Museum

Immerse yourself in the world of arms and armor at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. Explore five floors of magnificent displays, including medieval swords, royal armories, and interactive exhibits that bring history to life.


National Science and Media Museum

Discover the wonders of image and sound technology at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford. With eight floors of interactive galleries, the UK's first IMAX cinema, and fascinating exhibits, it's a must-visit for tech enthusiasts and families alike.


Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

Unleash your child's curiosity at Eureka! in Halifax. This interactive museum is designed especially for kids, offering hands-on exhibits that make learning fun. From the human body to space exploration, there's something to ignite every young mind.


National Coal Mining Museum

Journey underground at the National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield. Experience the life of a coal miner with guided tours led by former miners, explore interactive exhibits, and learn about the history of coal mining in the UK.


Bronte Parsonage Museum

Step into the world of the Bronte sisters at the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth. Visit the former home of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte, and discover the inspiration behind their famous novels through personal artifacts, manuscripts, and exhibits.

Facts About The Museums In West Yorkshire

  • Royal Armouries Museum: Features Henry VIII's tournament armor and the world's oldest surviving European horse armor.
  • National Science and Media Museum: Houses over 3 million items, including the world's earliest surviving photo negative and the UK's first IMAX cinema.
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park: Set in 500 acres of 18th-century landscaped grounds, it won the Art Fund Museum of the Year award in 2014.
  • Eureka! The National Children’s Museum: Designed for kids aged 0-11, it features six interactive zones where children can play in a child-sized town and learn about various professions.
  • Thackray Museum of Medicine: Offers a journey through medical history with exhibits like Victorian surgery and the development of modern medical technologies.
  • Bradford Industrial Museum: Located in a former textile mill, it showcases Bradford’s rich industrial heritage with working machinery and textile exhibits.
  • Leeds City Museum: Home to the famous Leeds Tiger taxidermy and a collection of artifacts from Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Shibden Hall: A historic house dating back to the 15th century, famously associated with Anne Lister of "Gentleman Jack" fame.
  • Salts Mill: Situated in Saltaire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it features a large collection of works by artist David Hockney.
  • Bankfield Museum: Housed in a Victorian mansion in Halifax, it displays local history including textiles and military memorabilia.

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