Stately Homes In East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire is home to some of England's most enchanting stately homes, each steeped in history and surrounded by stunning landscapes.

These grand estates offer a glimpse into the region's rich architectural and cultural heritage, from the Elizabethan elegance of Burton Agnes Hall to the dramatic cliff-top setting of Sewerby Hall and Gardens. Visitors can explore the beautifully preserved rooms, intricate gardens, and fascinating collections that each stately home boasts.

Whether it's the maze and giant chessboard at Burton Agnes Hall, the renowned Cabinet of Curiosities at Burton Constable Hall, or the serene banks of the River Derwent at Howsham Hall, these estates provide a captivating journey through time.

East Yorkshire's stately homes are not only architectural marvels but also vibrant centres of culture and history, inviting visitors to discover their unique stories and charm!

Burton Agnes Hall

Explore the elegance of Burton Agnes Hall, an Elizabethan stately home filled with treasures collected over 400 years. The award-winning gardens feature a yew maze, giant chessboard, and a charming walled garden​


Sewerby Hall and Gardens

Discover Sewerby Hall, a Georgian country house set on a dramatic clifftop with stunning views over Bridlington Bay. The hall is surrounded by beautiful gardens, a zoo, and woodland walks, making it perfect for a family day out​.


Burton Constable Hall

Step into the past at Burton Constable Hall, an Elizabethan mansion with over 30 rooms filled with historic collections. The 300-acre parkland, designed by Capability Brown, includes picturesque walks and wildlife trails​


Sledmere House

Sledmere House is an exquisite Georgian country house known for its beautifully landscaped gardens and fine interiors. Visitors can explore the extensive grounds, including a walled garden, a deer park, and a striking shell-lined grotto, offering a tranquil and picturesque retreat.


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Howsham Hall

Howsham Hall is a stunning Jacobean mansion set along the banks of the River Derwent. While it primarily operates as an exclusive-use venue, its rich history and elegant architecture make it a notable stately home in East Yorkshire. The hall is surrounded by beautiful countryside, adding to its serene charm.

Facts About The Stately Homes In East Yorkshire

  • Burton Agnes Hall features a Norman manor house built in 1173, which still stands today alongside the Elizabethan manor built in the early 17th century.
  • The gardens at Burton Agnes Hall include a maze made from yew trees, a giant chessboard, and a jungle garden.
  • Sewerby Hall and Gardens sits dramatically on a cliff-top, offering spectacular views over Bridlington and includes a zoo and woodland walks.
  • Burton Constable Hall has a renowned Cabinet of Curiosities, considered one of the most fascinating in England, featuring items collected over centuries.
  • The Whalebone Arch at Burton Constable Hall commemorates a 58-foot-long whale that washed ashore in 1825.
  • Burton Constable Hall is surrounded by 300 acres of parkland designed by the famous landscape architect Capability Brown.
  • Sledmere House features a unique shell-lined grotto and beautifully landscaped gardens, making it a picturesque retreat.
  • Howsham Hall, primarily an exclusive-use venue, is a stunning Jacobean mansion set along the scenic banks of the River Derwent.
  • Burton Constable Hall's stables, designed by Robert Adam, are home to various breeds of heavy horses and are a key attraction for visitors.
  • Sewerby Hall hosts an annual Jazz and Blues Festival in its grounds, attracting music lovers from around the region.

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