Things To Do In Hornsea: From Beaches to Boutiques

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Things To Do In Hornsea

Ready to discover some awesome things to do in Hornsea? Situated in the picturesque East Riding of Yorkshire, Hornsea is a vibrant seaside town that promises a buffet of experiences. From the whispers of its history to the allure of its coastline, it’s your go-to for a genuine slice of England's coastal magic.

Start your journey with a visit to the Hornsea Museum. Here, you can travel back in time and unearth the secrets of Victorian rural life and the town's fascinating past. And if you're yearning for some nature therapy, the serene coastline of Hornsea is a haven. Just imagine: a leisurely walk with the waves playing their timeless tune and the sea breeze teasing your hair.

With a plethora of activities up its sleeve, Hornsea ensures there’s never a dull moment. Whatever your vibe, this town is set to leave an imprint on your heart, making you want to relive the experience time and again.

Discovering Hornsea

Location and Overview

Hornsea is an attractive seaside town situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire. This charming destination offers a variety of scenic views, activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Its location makes it easily accessible, and you'll find that parking is straightforward, so you can start exploring the area with ease.

The coastline offers a picturesque backdrop for a day out with your family or friends. With its stunning beach, fascinating park and beautiful scenery, there's always something to do or see in Hornsea.

Activities In Hornsea

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Of course, like any coastal destination, some attractions in Hornsea are weather dependent. On sunny days, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the beach, taking in the breathtaking views of the coast. The spacious park provides a perfect setting for picnics, outdoor games, and relaxing in the sunshine.

However, even on less favourable days, Hornsea still offers plenty of activities to keep you entertained. You can explore the Hornsea Museum for a glimpse into Victorian rural life or visit some of the nearby historical sites and indoor attractions for an informative and enjoyable experience.

Overall, Hornsea is a delightful destination that can cater to your interests, regardless of the weather. With its diverse range of attractions and picturesque scenery, you're sure to have a memorable and enjoyable visit to this beautiful seaside town.

Day Out Activities

Family Funs

Hornsea, a charming seaside town in East Yorkshire, offers a great day out for families with plenty of things to do. One of the top attractions in Hornsea is the Hornsea Beach, where you can enjoy the sandy shoreline, walk along the bustling promenade, or let your children play in the amusements.

For an educational and entertaining day indoors, Stockeld Park offers a variety of fun attractions suited to all ages. From lively parks and playgrounds to exploring the walled garden, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Activities at Stockeld Park:

  • Row boats
  • Walled garden
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds

Tours, Activities and Experiences

For a more in-depth view of Hornsea's rich history and Victorian rural life, consider visiting the Hornsea Museum. Set within an 18th-century farmhouse, cottages and outbuildings, the museum offers an opportunity to explore life in the past and learn about the town's colourful smuggling history.

For those keen on ghost stories and supernatural encounters, the Deathly Dark Ghost Tour of York is a popular choice. This award-winning tour offers a thrilling experience as you explore the streets of York at night while hearing spooky tales of the city's past.

When searching for a range of tours near Hornsea, consider Viator, where you can find various activities and experiences tailored to your interests. From historical walking tours to fabulous boat trips, there are numerous options to make your visit to Hornsea a memorable one.

Remember that whatever activities you choose to do in Hornsea, there are ample opportunities for a fun-filled and exciting family day out.

Wildlife and Nature

Visit to The Countryside

Hornsea offers you a great opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside with its stunning scenery and diverse wildlife. Here, you'll find picturesque walking trails, allowing you to marvel at the natural beauty of the area while getting some fresh air and exercise.

The landscape varies, making it an interesting and enjoyable experience. You will encounter rolling hills, dense woodlands, and peaceful meadows where animals like goats and sheep might be grazing. As you walk around freely, take the time to appreciate the tranquillity and serenity of the countryside.

Animals and Parks

In addition to exploring Hornsea's countryside, be sure to visit some of the local parks and nature attractions, where you can immerse yourself in the region's thriving wildlife. The parks offer opportunities to observe various animals, like deer, birds, and even the marsh harrier, a bird of prey that might treat you to an exciting food pass, a sight particularly found in the Wassand Hall area.

One of the top nature attractions in Hornsea is the Wassand Hall estate, which consists of several parks, gardens, and woodland areas. The estate offers a perfect setting for leisurely family walks, picnics or even relaxing on a bench and enjoying the surrounding flora and fauna.

Another excellent option for discovering Hornsea's diverse wildlife are the outdoor activities like birdwatching, cycling, hiking, or visiting the playgrounds and zoos that the region has to offer.

Food and Drink

Hornsea offers a variety of food and drink options for you to enjoy during your visit. We have highlighted some of the best options in two main categories, "Cafes and Tea Rooms" and "Pubs and Wine Bars."

Cafes and Tea Rooms

When you fancy a cup of tea or coffee with some delicious cakes, Hornsea has various cafes and tea rooms for you.

One notable option is The Green Owl Cafe, which provides a diverse menu, including a selection of desserts, pizzas, and vegetarian options. You can indulge in the delightful atmosphere while treating your taste buds to a variety of cakes, sandwiches, and more.

Another place worth visiting is the charming Sea Glass Loft. Located near the coastline, this café offers a cosy setting with delightful views and a warm cup of your favourite beverage. You can expect to find tea, coffee, light lunches, and tasty treats while enjoying the company of fellow travellers and locals.

Pubs and Wine Bars

For a more sophisticated evening, indulge in a variety of beers and wines at Hornsea's pubs and wine bars. Spend an enchanting night at one of the local establishments where you can delight in flavourful dishes and refreshing drinks.

The most notable is The Marine pub on the Hornsea coastline (pictured above). This dog & family friendly pub offers ocean views to pub goers. On a sunny day, you can enjoy a nice pub lunch in the beer-garden while watching the tide.

Another popular place is The Falcon Inn, a restaurant in Hornsea that offers British cuisine and an extensive drink selection, featuring both local and international beers and wines. Enjoy a comfortable and friendly atmosphere as you sip on your favourite choice of beverage.

If you prefer a more refined setting, visit a wine bar in Hornsea where you can sample an array of curated wine selections and some tapas-style dishes. These bars often offer unique and well-maintained spaces to unwind while sharing a bottle of wine or trying a progressively curated flight.

So, during your stay in Hornsea, explore these delightful food and drink options, and experience the town's culinary charm first-hand.

Shopping in Hornsea

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When it comes to looking for things to do in Hornsea, you'll find a delightful shopping experience. This coastal town boasts several independent craft and gift shops that cater to every taste.

Craft and Gift Shops

In this vibrant community, you will find a range of independent shops selling handmade crafts and exquisite gifts. These shops are the perfect places to purchase something truly special for yourself or as a present for someone else.

One of the standout locations for shopping is Hornsea Freeport, where you can find factory outlet stores offering up to 50% off on famous brands. Alongside these great deals, you will also discover a selection of smaller artisanal shops selling unique local produce, including pottery, artwork, and handcrafted jewellery.

As you wander through the town, you will come across charming stores offering an abundance of exciting and one-of-a-kind products, such as:

  • Handmade pottery: Marvel at the beautiful and functional pieces created by local artists, perfect for adding a touch of Hornsea charm to your home.
  • Artwork: Bring some coastal inspiration to your living space with paintings, prints, and sculptures inspired by the region's picturesque landscapes.
  • Locally-produced gifts: Delight your loved ones with artisanal soaps, handmade candles, or soft toys made by local craftspeople.

No matter your preferences, the craft and gift shops in Hornsea offer a variety of beautiful and engaging items that cater to all tastes and budgets. As you explore your shopping options during your visit, you're sure to find something that catches your eye and evokes wonderful memories of your time spent in this charming seaside town.

Accommodation and Facilities

Leisure Centre and Soft Play

When visiting and looking for things to do in Hornsea, you can keep yourself and your family entertained at the local Leisure Centre. The centre offers a variety of activities, including a well-equipped gym, swimming pool, and sports courts. For families with young children, there's also a soft play area where your little ones can burn off some energy while you enjoy a cup of tea.

Toilets and Parking

Parking in Hornsea is generally easy to find, with several car parks available throughout the town. Many of them are close to the main attractions, such as Hornsea Freeport and Hornsea Beach. Some car parks offer free parking, while others may charge a small fee, so it's worth checking before you set off. Additionally, you'll find public toilets located near most car parks and popular attractions, ensuring comfort and convenience for all visitors.

When planning your trip to Hornsea, you can rest assured that there are plenty of accommodation options to suit your needs and budget. From quaint Bed & Breakfasts to cosy cottages and caravan parks, you'll find the perfect place to rest your head after a day of exploring this beautiful coastal town.


Can you take dogs on the beach at Hornsea?
Absolutely! At the southern end of Hornsea's vintage Victorian beachfront, you can enjoy the waves and sand with your furry family member all year long.

What sea is at Hornsea?
Hornsea graces the edge of the North Sea. Between those beautiful sunrises from the sea and the captivating sunsets over the Mere, the town offers a classic seaside experience.

What is Hornsea known for?
Remember the famous Hornsea pottery? While that's a part of its legacy, nowadays, Hornsea proudly hosts Yorkshire's biggest freshwater lake, teeming with over 250 bird species and plenty of sailing and fishing opportunities.

Is Hornsea nice to live?
Hornsea is a gem! From its sense of community to its amenities, not to forget the beautiful beaches and the famed Hornsea mere – Yorkshire's largest freshwater lake.

Why is Hornsea called Hornsea?
It's believed the name hints at a 'lake with a protruding land strip.' Looking at the lake near the village, where a long slender peninsula extends into the water, the name seems just right.

Is Hornsea a town or village?
Hornsea is a quaint seaside town in East Yorkshire. Over the 20th century, it blossomed as both a resort and a commuter town for Hull, especially before the railway's closure in 1964.

Is Hornsea beach clean?
Absolutely! Hornsea proudly flaunts its Blue Flag status. This recognition means it ticks all the boxes, from water quality and cleanliness to safety protocols and top-notch facilities.

How long is Hornsea Promenade?
Stroll down Hornsea's lower promenade, and you'll walk a solid kilometer, ending at the North Promenade. Going and coming back? That's a decent 2-kilometer walk for you!

Is Hornsea a sandy beach?
It sure is! A blend of shingle and golden sand awaits. The picture-perfect promenade spans the beach, flanked by manicured gardens, parking spots, and tempting local eateries.

What facilities are there at Hornsea Beach?
No worries about parking – there's plenty around Hornsea beach. Plus, facilities like restrooms, shops, and dining options are all at hand.

How long is Hornsea Beach?
Nestled on the East Yorkshire coast, Hornsea Beach spans about a kilometer. It's flanked by coastal defenses and a scenic seafront promenade.

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