Whitby Abbey

Address: Whitby Abbey, Abbey Lane, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 4JT
Phone: 01947 603568
Email: customers@english-heritage.org.uk​

Whitby Abbey: A Gothic Landmark Overlooking the North Sea

Perched atop a cliff in North Yorkshire, Whitby Abbey captivates visitors with its rich history and enduring legends. The striking ruins of this 7th-century monastery have inspired generations, most famously Bram Stoker's iconic novel "Dracula".

Wander through the extensive ruins, enjoy breathtaking views of the North Sea, and explore the visitor centre to delve deeper into the abbey's fascinating past.

From its early days as a centre of learning to its role in inspiring a beloved gothic tale...

Whitby Abbey promises an unforgettable experience for history buffs, literature lovers, and those seeking a unique destination!


The admission prices for Whitby Abbey are as follows:

  • Adults: £11.00
  • Concessions (students, seniors): £10.00
  • Children (aged 5-17): £6.60
  • Family Ticket (2 adults + up to 3 children): £28.60
  • English Heritage Members: Free

Booking online in advance can save you up to 15% on ticket prices​​.

Features/Things To Do

At Whitby Abbey, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities and attractions:

  • Explore the Ruins: Wander through the extensive ruins of the abbey and take in the breathtaking coastal views.
  • Visitor Centre and Museum: Learn about the abbey’s history, including its Viking raids and its role in the spread of Christianity.
  • Special Events: Participate in events such as Gothic falconry displays and "Dracula" themed activities, which are held throughout the year.
  • Scenic Walks: Enjoy the scenic walks around the abbey grounds and along the dramatic cliffside​.

Whitby Abbey On The Map


Whitby Abbey is accessible by car, public transport, and even on foot for those exploring Whitby town:

By Car:

  • Address: Abbey Lane, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 4JT. There is parking available on-site.

By Public Transport:

  • Bus: Regular bus services run to Whitby from surrounding areas.
  • Train: The nearest railway station is in Whitby, from where you can walk or take a taxi to the abbey.

Whitby Abbey offers a captivating journey through history, set against the dramatic backdrop of the North Yorkshire coastline.

Plan your visit today to explore this iconic landmark and enjoy all it has to offer!

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