Whitby Beach

Address: West Cliff, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3EN

Experience the Enchanting Whitby Beach: A Historic Coastal Retreat in North Yorkshire

Whitby Beach, located in the historic town of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast, offers a beautiful expanse of sandy shores backed by dramatic cliffs and picturesque views of the North Sea.

The beach is famous for its stunning coastal scenery, rich maritime history, and proximity to the iconic Whitby Abbey, making it a perfect destination for both relaxation and exploration.

With a mix of sandy and pebbly areas, the beach caters to a variety of activities and attracts visitors year-round​​!


Visiting Whitby Beach is free of charge, making it an accessible destination for everyone.

Parking fees apply:

  • Parking Fees: Pay-and-display parking is available near the beach, with options including seafront parking along West Cliff and additional car parks in the town center. Ensure to check for any applicable charges and availability.

Features/Things To Do

Whitby Beach offers a variety of activities and attractions:

  • Water Sports: Enjoy swimming, surfing, beach volleyball, and kite flying. Equipment rentals and lessons are available for those looking to try these activities​.
  • Walking and Hiking: The beach is part of the Cleveland Way National Trail, offering scenic walks along the coast to nearby destinations like Sandsend and Robin Hood’s Bay​.
  • Historical Exploration: Visit the nearby Whitby Abbey, explore the historic Whitby Harbour, and stroll through the town's cobbled streets filled with shops and cafes​​.
  • Wildlife Watching: The beach is home to diverse flora and fauna, including seabirds, seals, and occasionally dolphins, providing excellent opportunities for wildlife observation and photography​​.
  • Dining and Refreshments: Numerous restaurants, cafes, and seafood shacks offer a variety of dining options, including the famous Whitby fish and chips​.

Whitby Beach On The Map


Whitby Beach is accessible by car, public transport, and on foot:

By Car:

    • Address: West Cliff, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3EN. Easily accessible via the A171 from Scarborough or the A174 from Middlesbrough. Pay-and-display parking is available near the beach​​.

By Public Transport:

    • Whitby is well-connected by train and bus. Regular train services run from Middlesbrough, and buses connect Whitby to nearby towns and cities​.

Whitby Beach combines natural beauty, recreational activities, and historical attractions, making it an ideal destination for a day out with family, friends, or pets.

Plan your visit today to experience the charm and relaxation of this North Yorkshire gem!

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