Walks In East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire invites you to explore its enchanting blend of coastal beauty and tranquil countryside.

From the dramatic chalk cliffs of Flamborough Head to the serene woodlands of Millington Wood, each walk offers a unique glimpse into the region's diverse landscapes. Wander along picturesque rivers, discover vibrant nature reserves, and take in breathtaking views from coastal paths and rolling hills.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or looking for a leisurely stroll, East Yorkshire's trails promise a refreshing escape into nature's wonders.

Delve into our list of walks and uncover the hidden gems that make East Yorkshire a walker’s paradise!

Spurn Point Nature Reserve Walk

Wander along the narrow spit of Spurn Point, where the Humber Estuary meets the North Sea. This walk is perfect for birdwatching enthusiasts and offers stunning coastal views.


Millington Wood Walk

Nestled in the Yorkshire Wolds, Millington Wood provides a peaceful retreat with lush woodlands and winding paths. Ideal for all levels of walkers, this spot is especially enchanting in spring when wildflowers bloom.


Flamborough Cliffs Nature Reserve Walk

Explore the dramatic chalk cliffs at Flamborough Head, where you can spot seabird colonies and seals. This coastal walk offers breathtaking views of the North Sea and picturesque coves like North Landing and Thornwick Bay.


North Cave Wetlands Walk

This former quarry turned nature reserve features six lakes and is a haven for birdwatchers. The well-maintained paths and hides make it a perfect spot to enjoy wildlife all year round.


Humber Bridge Country Park Walk

Known as "Little Switzerland," this park offers varied landscapes including woodlands, meadows, ponds, and cliffs. It provides stunning views of the Humber Bridge, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.


Cleveland Way

Stretching 109 miles from Helmsley to Filey, this National Trail offers diverse landscapes, from heather moorland to dramatic coastal cliffs. Walkers can enjoy historic landmarks, charming villages, and breathtaking sea views.


Beverley and the Beverley Westwood Walk

This walk offers a delightful mix of urban and rural scenery, starting in the historic town of Beverley and exploring the expansive green common land of Beverley Westwood.


Brantingham, Elloughton Dale, Wauldby Dam, and Turtle Hill Walk

Discover the rolling hills and tranquil valleys of the southern Yorkshire Wolds on this circular walk. The route passes through picturesque villages and offers beautiful countryside views.


Welton, Welton Dale, Wauldby Dam, Turtle Hill, South Wold, and Elloughton Hill Walk

Enjoy a varied walk through woodland, farmland, and open fields. This circular route offers stunning views and peaceful paths, perfect for a day out in nature.


Market Weighton, Hudson Way, Goodmanham, Londesborough, and Towthorpe Walk

Explore the rolling countryside and historical sites on this walk starting from Market Weighton. The route follows the disused railway line of the Hudson Way and passes through charming villages.

Facts About The Walks In East Yorkshire

  • Flamborough Head is home to the oldest surviving complete lighthouse in England, dating back to 1674.
  • The Spurn Point peninsula, constantly reshaped by tides, hosts migrating birds and unique plant species.
  • The Yorkshire Wolds Way, one of England's lesser-known National Trails, offers stunning chalk landscapes and ancient archaeological sites.
  • Bempton Cliffs is one of the best places in the UK to see breeding seabirds, including puffins, gannets, and razorbills.
  • Millington Wood has ancient woodland status, meaning it has been continuously wooded since at least 1600.
  • The Hull to Hornsea Rail Trail follows the path of a former railway line, offering a flat, scenic route perfect for all abilities.
  • Dalby Forest covers over 8,000 acres and features an extensive network of walking and cycling trails.
  • Burton Constable Hall's estate includes over 300 acres of historic parkland and gardens, designed by Capability Brown.
  • The chalk streams of the Yorkshire Wolds are some of the cleanest in the UK, supporting a diverse range of wildlife.
  • Sledmere House has a unique octagonal walled garden, created in the 18th century and meticulously restored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular walks in East Yorkshire include the stunning coastal paths at Flamborough Head, the serene trails at Spurn Point Nature Reserve, and the picturesque routes in the Yorkshire Wolds, such as the Yorkshire Wolds Way and The Lost River walk.

Are there any family-friendly walks in East Yorkshire?

Yes, there are several family-friendly walks, such as the Foggathorpe Circular, a gentle two-mile stroll, and the Beverley and Beverley Westwood walk, which offers a pleasant and easy route suitable for all ages.

Where can I find the best views in East Yorkshire?

For breathtaking views, head to Flamborough Head for its dramatic chalk cliffs and expansive sea views. Spurn Point also offers stunning vistas across the Humber Estuary, and the high points of the Yorkshire Wolds provide panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Are there any historical walks in East Yorkshire?

Yes, East Yorkshire is rich in history. The Tatton Sykes Monument walk takes you through historical bridleways and past a run-down chapel. The Churches, Canal, and Countryside walk explores the historical rural landscape around West Cowick, following ancient green lanes and the Aire and Calder canal.

What are some lesser-known walking spots in East Yorkshire?

Lesser-known gems include the Warter village walk, which takes you through the tranquil and scenic Yorkshire Wolds, and the Huggate and the Poetry Bench walk, offering peaceful paths through dry valleys and historic sites.

Can I find any nature reserves in East Yorkshire?

Yes, East Yorkshire boasts several nature reserves, including Tophill Low Nature Reserve, known for its wetlands and diverse birdlife, and Danes Dyke Nature Reserve, offering woodland walks and coastal views.

Are there any long-distance trails in East Yorkshire?

The Yorkshire Wolds Way is a long-distance National Trail that spans 79 miles through the chalk hills and valleys of the Yorkshire Wolds. Another notable long-distance route is the Hudson Way, a 10-mile path following a decommissioned railway line between Market Weighton and Beverley.

What are the best walks for wildlife spotting in East Yorkshire?

For wildlife spotting, visit Spurn Point Nature Reserve, known for its birdwatching opportunities, and Bempton Cliffs, one of the best places in the UK to see breeding seabirds like puffins and gannets.

Where can I find walks with good facilities?

Walks around larger towns and villages, such as Beverley and Bridlington, offer good facilities including car parks, cafes, and visitor centers. Flamborough Head and the surrounding coastal walks also provide ample amenities for visitors.

Are there any guided walks available in East Yorkshire?

Yes, various organizations offer guided walks, including local walking clubs and the Yorkshire Wolds Walking and Outdoor Festival. The National Trust also provides guided tours at places like Flamborough Head and Spurn Point.

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