Beaches In Yorkshire

Discover the enchanting coastlines of Yorkshire, where dramatic cliffs meet golden sands, and charming seaside towns blend history with natural beauty.

From the fossil-rich shores of Whitby to the tranquil retreats of Runswick Bay, Yorkshire's beaches offer a unique escape for every traveler. Dive into the vibrant culture, explore hidden coves, and uncover the timeless allure of these stunning seaside destinations.

Each beach has its own story to tell and adventures waiting to be experienced!

Scarborough Beach

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Scarborough Beach, with its lively South Bay featuring amusement arcades, donkey rides, and bustling cafes, contrasted by the tranquil North Bay, perfect for a peaceful retreat with stunning views of the castle.


Filey Beach

Discover the unspoiled beauty of Filey Beach, a five-mile stretch of golden sand backed by the picturesque Filey Brigg. Ideal for families and nature lovers, this beach offers a serene escape with plenty of rock pools to explore and bird-watching opportunities.


Whitby Beach

Nestled beneath the dramatic cliffs, Whitby Beach offers a quintessential seaside experience. Enjoy the charming blend of sandy shores, historic Whitby Abbey overlooking the town, and the bustling harbor area filled with shops and eateries.


Bridlington North Beach

With its long promenade, Bridlington North Beach is perfect for a leisurely stroll. The beach is known for its clean sands, scenic views, and the impressive Bridlington Spa nearby, making it a popular spot for both relaxation and entertainment.


Bridlington South Beach

A family-friendly beach with plenty of activities, Bridlington South Beach offers wide sands, shallow waters, and easy access to funfair rides and traditional seaside amusements. It's an ideal location for a lively day out​.


Runswick Bay Beach

Escape to the charming village of Runswick Bay, where quaint cottages overlook a beautiful, sheltered beach. The bay is perfect for a quiet day of beachcombing, swimming, and exploring the coastal trails.


Saltburn Beach

Famous for its Victorian pier and cliff lift, Saltburn Beach is a surfer's paradise. The wide, sandy beach is great for water sports and enjoying the classic seaside town ambiance​​.


Cayton Bay Beach

Known for its excellent surfing conditions, Cayton Bay offers a more rugged and natural beach experience. Surrounded by cliffs and rolling countryside, it's a favorite spot for outdoor enthusiasts and dog walkers​.


Danes Dyke

Explore the secluded Danes Dyke, a hidden gem with a mix of pebble and sandy shores surrounded by lush woodlands. It's a perfect spot for a peaceful retreat and wildlife spotting.


Sandsend Beach

Just a stone's throw from Whitby, Sandsend Beach offers a serene and picturesque setting. The beach is ideal for families and those looking to relax, with plenty of rock pools and stunning coastal views.


Spurn Point

Venture to Spurn Point, a unique and remote sandy spit stretching into the Humber Estuary. It's a haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers, with a variety of wildlife and dramatic landscapes to explore.


Reighton Sands Beach

A tranquil beach backed by rolling sand dunes, Reighton Sands is perfect for a quiet day by the sea. Enjoy long walks, fossil hunting, and the unspoiled natural beauty of the area​.


Flamborough Head

Marvel at the dramatic cliffs of Flamborough Head, home to a wealth of seabirds and stunning sea views. The beach below is perfect for exploring caves, rock pools, and enjoying the rugged coastal scenery.


Staithes Beach

Step back in time at Staithes Beach, a historic fishing village with narrow cobbled streets leading to a charming beach. It's a picturesque spot ideal for a peaceful escape and exploring the rich maritime heritage.


Robin Hood's Bay Beach

With its steep streets and historic charm, Robin Hood's Bay offers a unique beach experience. The beach is great for fossil hunting and exploring the tidal pools, all while enjoying the quaint village atmosphere.


Mappleton Beach

A quiet, sandy beach known for its impressive cliffs and fossil-rich areas. Mappleton Beach is perfect for a peaceful day out, beachcombing, and enjoying the natural coastal beauty​.


Thornwick Bay

Located on the Flamborough Headland, Thornwick Bay offers dramatic cliffs, clear waters, and plenty of caves to explore. It's an excellent spot for adventurous beachgoers and nature enthusiasts.


Fraisthorpe Beach

A long, sandy beach popular with walkers, Fraisthorpe Beach offers stunning views and a peaceful environment. It's a great place for a leisurely stroll, horse riding, or simply enjoying the open space.


Withernsea Beach

A traditional seaside destination with a promenade, Withernsea Beach boasts a lighthouse museum and a wide sandy shore. It's ideal for families and those looking to enjoy classic seaside fun.


Hornsea Beach

Known for its extensive promenade and pebbly beach, Hornsea Beach is perfect for a relaxing day by the sea. The town's quaint shops and cafes add to the charm, making it a lovely spot for visitors of all ages​.

Facts About The Beaches In Yorkshire

  • Scarborough Beach: Scarborough is recognized as Britain’s first seaside resort, established in the 17th century. It also boasts the oldest surviving beach tramway in the UK, dating back to 1881. This historic beach offers both lively and tranquil areas with stunning views and rich history.
  • Whitby Beach: Overlooked by the ruins of Whitby Abbey, which inspired Bram Stoker's "Dracula," Whitby Beach is a hotspot for fossil hunting. Its unique blend of literary history and natural beauty makes it a fascinating destination.
  • Filey Beach: Known for its five-mile-long sandy stretch, one of the longest unbroken beaches in the UK, Filey Beach also features Filey Brigg, a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its unique geological formations.
  • Runswick Bay: Runswick Bay is often named one of the UK's best beaches and is known for its picturesque village setting and historical lifeboat station dating back to 1866. The charm and history of this bay make it a must-visit.
  • Saltburn-By-The-Sea Beach: Home to the Saltburn Cliff Lift, one of the world's oldest water-powered funiculars opened in 1884. The beach is also a surfer's paradise with a long history of surfing culture dating back to the 1960s.
  • Flamborough Head: Famous for its dramatic white chalk cliffs and sea caves, Flamborough Head is also home to the oldest surviving lighthouse in Britain, built in 1674. The natural beauty and historical significance are unmatched.
  • Robin Hood's Bay: This beach is famous for its smuggling history, with a network of tunnels and alleyways used by smugglers to hide contraband in the 18th century. Its rich history and scenic coastal paths attract many visitors.
  • Spurn Point: A unique sandy spit that has been shifting for centuries, Spurn Point is an important bird migration point and houses a historic lighthouse dating back to 1895. Its dynamic landscape and wildlife make it a fascinating spot for nature lovers.
  • Staithes Beach: Once one of the largest fishing ports on the North Sea, Staithes is known for its association with Captain James Cook, who worked here as a young apprentice. The village's artistic community and annual arts festival add to its charm.
  • Danes Dyke: A secluded beach surrounded by a nature reserve with historical significance, featuring an ancient earthwork believed to date back to the Iron Age. It's perfect for those interested in history and nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a trip to Yorkshire's beautiful beaches? Our FAQs cover everything you need to know, from the best beaches and activities to safety tips and unique features. Whether you're a seasoned beachgoer or a first-time visitor, this guide has you covered.

What are the best beaches to visit in Yorkshire?

Some of the best beaches in Yorkshire include Scarborough Beach, Whitby Beach, Filey Beach, Runswick Bay, and Saltburn-By-The-Sea. Each offers unique attractions, from historic ruins to excellent surfing conditions.

Are there any dog-friendly beaches in Yorkshire?

Yes, many beaches in Yorkshire are dog-friendly, including Fraisthorpe Beach, Cayton Bay, and Filey Beach. It's always a good idea to check local regulations as some beaches may have seasonal restrictions.

What activities can I do at Yorkshire beaches?

Activities at Yorkshire beaches include swimming, surfing, fossil hunting, rock pooling, bird watching, and exploring historical landmarks. Beaches like Scarborough and Whitby also offer amusement arcades and traditional seaside attractions.

Which beaches in Yorkshire have the best facilities?

Scarborough Beach and Bridlington Beach are well-known for their excellent facilities, including cafes, restrooms, amusement parks, and promenade walks. These beaches are great for families looking for convenient amenities.

Are Yorkshire beaches safe for swimming?

Many beaches in Yorkshire are safe for swimming, especially during the summer months when lifeguards are present. However, always pay attention to local safety signs and flags that indicate water conditions.

Can I go fossil hunting on Yorkshire beaches?

Yes, fossil hunting is a popular activity on several Yorkshire beaches, particularly at Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay, and Mappleton Beach. These beaches are part of the Dinosaur Coast, known for their rich geological history.

What are some lesser-known beaches in Yorkshire worth visiting?

Lesser-known gems include Danes Dyke, with its ancient earthworks and natural reserve, and Reighton Sands Beach, known for its tranquility and natural beauty. Thornwick Bay is also a great spot for exploring sea caves.

When is the best time to visit Yorkshire beaches?

The best time to visit is during the summer months (June to August) when the weather is warmest and most beach facilities are open. However, spring and early autumn can also offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

Are there any historical sites near Yorkshire beaches?

Yes, many Yorkshire beaches are near historical sites. Whitby Beach is overlooked by Whitby Abbey, Scarborough Beach has the historic Scarborough Castle, and Flamborough Head is famous for its ancient lighthouse and sea caves.

What makes Yorkshire beaches unique compared to other UK beaches?

Yorkshire beaches are unique for their dramatic cliffs, historical landmarks, and diverse activities. They offer a mix of bustling seaside resorts like Scarborough and peaceful, scenic retreats like Runswick Bay and Staithes.

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